Lawrence Todd Maxwell - Retail Solutions Advisors

Lawrence Todd Maxwell and his talented team members at Retail Solutions Advisors provide customized solutions for a variety of commercial real estate clients. The company offers a wealth of knowledge regarding the local real estate landscape, as well as the work ethic needed to provide specialized solutions for local retailers and tenants.

Todd Maxwell's Background

Lawrence Todd Maxwell is passionate about the Florida community, having grown up in Lakeland and studied economics and accounting at Florida Southern College. After graduating from college, he moved into the exciting field of real estate. Today, he is the manager, owner and CIO of Retail Solutions Advisors. When he's not busy with his work in real estate, Todd Maxwell is fighting for one of the causes he is most passionate about: autism awareness and management. The proud father of twins, he has a son with autism. His love for his son and his desire for the child's neurodevelopmental disorder to get the attention it deserves has convinced him to maintain involvement with such organizations as Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America

About Retail Solutions Advisors

A Florida-based property management and commercial real estate leasing company, Retail Solutions Advisors focuses on finding specialized solutions that fit clients' unique situations. Personalized strategies are applied to dealings with retailers and tenants, with Retail Solutions Advisors promoting open and honest communication between the two. Additionally, the company boasts an extensive understanding of the commercial real estate market in the state of Florida. This in-depth knowledge makes it possible to offer the best possible solutions for commercial retailers and tenants. RSA has set itself apart from the competition with a number of recent successes, including the signing of Halloween Spirit to a lease at Marketplace Square and the company's earned distinction as exclusive leasing agent for The Piers Shopping Center, located in Port Richey.

Real Estate in Citrus County

Citrus County is one of the markets in which Retail Solutions Advisors operates commercial properties. The area has experienced significant residential growth over the course of the past decade, and, as such, is a prime spot for tenants and retailers alike. RSA is excited to harness the many opportunities afforded by this promising region

From commercial property management to tenant representation, Retail Solutions Advisors provides an array of customized services designed to help Florida's finest retailers and tenants achieve their objectives. RSA's team is committed to providing the knowledge and support its clients require. For the ultimate in commercial real estate service, look to Retail Solutions Advisors.